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Gifted singer Emmylou Harris takes a new trip down old country roads as the self-searching “Red Dirt Girl.” We speak with her about growing up between South and North, her days on the road with Gram Parsons, and her atmospheric music today. Also, the purposefully unrooted band Yo La Tengo of Hoboken, New Jersey tracks their 15 years of luminous music and improvisatory life.


On our Father’s Day show we’ll talk with musical fathers & sons: polka kings Eddie Blazonczyk Jr. & Sr., and blues greats Tabby Thomas & Chris Thomas King. Also music for daddy-o’s by Horace Silver, Johnny Cash, Lightnin’ Hopkins, Gene Austin and Regina Carter.


Jazz, klezmer and funk clarinetist Don Byron talks about the classical elements in his album “A Fine Line: Arias and Lieder.” You’ll also hear a profile of Raymond Scott, one of the great, unknown composers and inventors of the 20th century. Scott set the template for the music in Looney Tunes cartoons, and went on to develop some of the first electronic instruments.


For richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health — June is the month for weddings, and American Routes has lots of different takes on matrimony from Cab Calloway, Tammy Wynette, Hank Williams, Etta James and more. Plus a sweet proposal and a look at what makes a good wedding band — the music not the gold. Tune in to American Routes, and we’ll get you to the chapel on time…